Stranger Danger + How Protective Parenting Doesn’t Always Work

So you’re either a parent, a sibling, or a relative to a child/teen who at some point is going to need to know the dangers of the “boogy man” (stranger) weather it’s a small child of school age, or your…

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How To Compete With The Most Popular Posts Online Right Now

Now I’m not initiating a blogging war here, I’m just simply going to show you how even the smallest/newest of bloggers can compete with the big guns & totally get your content out there & shared for months to come…

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Teacher Gift Ideas + What They Really Want This End Of Term!

End of term is almost here & you want to give the teachers something that they will love, something that they won’t have already got 10 others of this year & something that shows you have made the effort and…

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Loving This Week – Tried & Tested Recipes!

Have you ever come across a recipe or food blog where you wish you could be brave enough to recreate the masterpieces they’re presenting? If you’re a regular to this blog, or follow me on social media, you’ll know I’m…

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How To Trend On Google + Triple Blog Traffic

So we all want to go viral & have our blogs trending on Google’s first page, wishful thinking right? Actually it’s easier than you think! I’m going to show you a fool proof way to do just that PLUS it’s…

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