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Pinterest Management Services + Packages to Help Your Business Take Off

ThriffDee is now offering personal Pinterest Management Virtual Assistance Services!

Getting your Pinterest account set-up correctly is the most important step for achieving success for your business on Pinterest.
It’s important to understand that Pinterest is a search engine & not a social media network.
If you want people to find you when they are browsing on Pinterest for your type of products or service, you must get on top of the Pinterest search engine.
That means is applying the correct SEO (search engine optimisation tactics)


Knowing what tactics work best for you –
  • The key to SEO is knowing which keywords you want your business to rank high on!
  • Your boards need cover graphics that explain each board & give consistency with your brand. Remember Pinterest is a (visual search engine) so great graphics & aesthetics gets more visitors to your website! 
  • Pinning at strategic times based on Pinterest’s algorithm to drive shoppers to your online store.
  • Scheduling pins to Pinterest at high traffic times & days
  • Joining group boards to attract new customers/readers
  • Hashtags & keywording pin descriptions to get noticed
  • Re-pinning great content which ranks you higher in Pinterest search & drives more people to your profile
Pinterest Business Account Setup includes –
  1. Applying the correct keywords that connect you to your target audience.
  2. Identifying your Profile analytics & working out the best times to target readers
  3. Applying SEO strategies & tactics so you get found first under “People” on Pinterest’s search engine.
  4. Tips to help promote your Pinterest business page.
  5. Optimizing five board titles & board description to rank high on both Pinterest’s & Google’s search engine.
  6. 5 pins scheduled & added to five boards. Total of 25 pins.

Pinterest Management Virtual Assistant Services Packages ThrifDeeDubai

Pinterest Management Service Includes –
  • Guaranteed traffic to your site or shop month after month!
  • Make sure all the boards match the changing interests of your audience, Pinterest can show if and when those interest change.
  • Pin at strategic times based on Pinterest’s algorithm to drive custom to your online presence.
  • Pin in accordance with trending or seasonal themes to boost your traffic.
  • Join group boards to attract new customers.
The Benefits of Pinterest Management: Outsourcing Your Account
  1. Avoid wasting time trying figuring out what works on Pinterest.
  2. No trial and error = avoid wasting money.
  3. Eliminate the headache of a new person keeping up with all the latest tactics.
  4. You don’t have to hire an employee or train existing staff members: should they ever leave all your Pinterest “know how” goes too.
  5. Using my own methods for scheduling you can guarantee your pins will ALWAYS go live even when you cannot get online!
Terms –
  • Payment in full is required prior to the beginning of the work via PayPal.
  • Proposal valid for 30 days. Fees in GBP.
  • Minimum 1-month commitment. 30 days notice is required to fully close an account.
  • Allow up to two days for me to respond to you & give you a plan.
  • Please note I will not be coaching anyone on your team on how I manage your Pinterest account.


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