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It’s no secret being in harsh conditions such as freezing temperatures or the scorching heat wreaks havoc on the ol’ skin, Even the most “un-girly” lady will be searching for the best skin protectors, potions & lotions to keep her looking young & radiant, because, lets face it…. we deserve it! 😎

Being said un-girly lady 😁 who is not one to splurge on beauty products or regimes, because …….. I’m too thrifty to part with my cash 😂 Unless I know it’s a real good product that will save me money in the long run! …….. I’ll be showing you my go-to products that ive actually grown to love!


Now I only go by recommendation…. if I know a product is so darn good I’m happy to try it out! Having said that my first product I fell in love with some years ago, after the recommendation of a good friend has become my ONE, Mi Amor! 

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.

Make up artists and celebrities around the world swear by it, Beauty editors constantly rave about it. Even though this is a miracle worker & needs no introduction, here are some facts about this beauty essential that may surprise you!

The Magic 8.

84 years ago this beauty product was created by Elizabeth Arden herself, 8 hours after a client applied the cream on her child’s skinned knee, the wound nearly heeled & that’s how it got it’s name!


It’s considered the key part of a celebrity makeup artist bag, dabbed over eyeshadow for a glossy look, patted over cheekbones to give dewy highlights, brushed through brows to tame & condition – all tricks found on the runways across the world. It’s more than a balm! It’s a multitasker! You can use it to pamper feet that have been attacked by those dreaded heels, calm irritated skin and soften cuticles for a DIY mani! Moisturise dry lips, soothe sunburn, tell the kids its mummy’s “magic cream” for their grazed knees (it works trust me) the list is endless! 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant is 100% thrifty!! You only need to purchase it twice a year maximum even with heavy usage, it’s sooo dense & really goes a long way! I give it a ThrifDee Rating – 10/10 

Get it here –


Origins Drink Up Intensive Night Mask.

New on the “night mask” scene another recommendation by a fabulous friend, had to give this a try! I’d never used a night mask quite like this before now, it’s very thick, creamy with a gel like consistency. My skin has been suffering a lot from the Dubai heat & being 40 now…. it’s really time to start looking after the old Boat Race! (Face) 😂 Drink Up certainly does not disappoint, you put it on clean skin before sleeping in a layer, pea size drop is enough… it feels quite heavy and wet… but that’s good because your skin literally “does what it says on the bottle” & Drinks it up over night!! I still found residue in the morning so I rinsed my face… but my skin felt vibrant, radiant, plumped & I was glowing! Origins Drink Up Intensive Definitely is a keeper & again, totally thrifty! Because you only need to use once a week! It really is good value for such a high quality product. You can find it in #Sephora for 119AED if you dont want to try the bigger size there is also smaller travel size for 69AED. So you can be happily slathering this all over your face & not worry about it running out, a little really does go a long way! I give it a ThrifDee Rating of – 10/10. 

Get it here –


L’occitane immortelle Creme Precieuse.

This really needs no introduction…

Ideal for normal to dry skin, this rich, smooth cream visibly corrects deep wrinkles and improves skin firmness

I’m in love with all things L’Occitane but we shall talk about that another time…. today I’m giving you the low down on things that are essential for that Dubai survival skin! Ultra rich, ultra smooth, skin quenching, hydrating & bloody gorgeous! This cream really makes me wonder where it’s been hiding all my life!! It’s perfect for those first signs of aging, leaving your skin luscious & feeling pampered, you can use this sparingly because it’s a very heavy cream, a little goes a long way! All natural ingredients with organically grown Immortelle flowers which protect the environment, so I feel pleased to be using such an eco-friendly product- and looking younger in th process …. now that’s precious! A little more on the pricy side, but again you will only make one or two purchases a year! Which gives this L’occitane immortelle Creme Precieuse a ThrifDee Rating of – 10/10. 

Get it here –


So there you have it, a non girly skin saving (& money saving) low down on how to protect your skin from the elements! 

& not forgetting those all essential sunnies! 

Who needs filters when you’ve got natural glowing beautiful skin?!

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Have any of you guys tried these? Anything you’d like to see added here? Favourites you swear by? Get in the comments & let me know! 😉


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  1. 29/09/2017 / 3:54 am

    I have tried the origins, it’s amazing… Will be trying the 8 Hour Cream…. never realised it has so many uses! Thanks for sharing!!

    • 29/09/2017 / 4:00 am

      Thank you, yes the 8 Hour Cream really is a miracle, incredible amount of uses….. even for the least girly girls around like me! 😉

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