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I’m sure most of you have had your fair share of the “ghosting” that goes on in social media, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. It really riles my chains!! I’m a new blogger & find it really disheartening when people follow to unfollow? I mean, it makes sense you want your following to grow, I get ya! But is there a need to desperately follow pages/feeds to unfollow moments/days later? ….. & then follow again????? 😳 like seriously?!?

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Social Media Follow Games Instagram Facebook Twitter

We see you! I have the apps, I know the stats 😉 As someone who’s trying to build an honest engagement, I want people to follow me because they like & enjoy my posts, not because I might follow them back!

Realist! – I’d prefer 1 real follower over 100 ghosting! That goes for big brands too! I get chuffed when I see a restaurant chain, or brand has followed me! Que *shimmy* only to see a few days later they’ve unfollowed because I didn’t follow them back instantly! Let me tell you, I’m small cheese in a big blogging world! For a brand with hundreds of thousands of followers….. Is it really going to dent your pride if lil ol me does not follow you back in that moment??

Be An Honest Blogger! – I honestly follow accounts I’m inspired by, with themes that interest me, I also want to support my fellow bloggers, so I will follow an account that’s not in my normal niche because I find it refreshingly interesting to see stuff I wouldn’t normally be exposed to. Thanks to such groups like #Muslimahbloggers on Facebook, I’m able to communicate with bloggers that write on many wonderful subjects & it makes the whole blogging community feel like a good one because we all engage in each other’s work & continue to follow each other.

Types Of Followers – Sometimes people follow & I can already tell they won’t be around for long, because they have nothing in common with me! It’s quite obvious they’re only hoping I’ll follow back, but I only do so if I would actually enjoy what this person/account is putting online!


The Number Chaser – It’s shameful really, if you’re building your following falsely, why are you even in the blogging game?? You should love & want your readers/followers because they are here to see your content & interact, not “make up numbers”. The most worrying thing is, although a great resource, there are some blogging groups that actually encourage this! I don’t get it? I want an organic following from people that enjoy my content, I’m not hungry for the follow/unfollow game & nor will I entertain it!!


Bottom Line – If you’re going to try & play the follow/unfollow game with me, don’t bother! I may sound a bit catty… but I’m not going to follow you back if I can blatantly see you’re only in it for the numbers! I only follow people who speak to me, engage with their followers & inspire me. I have the apps & am not afraid to use them! 😂 I see what’s going on & maybe you don’t, because you’ve followed me more than twice in a week??…. memory of a fish perhaps?? 😎 honestly, it really isn’t worth it!

Cheekily I’m going to now ask you to follow me! 😜 But please, only do so because you really want to, not to boost your following!

What are your views on this? Have you experienced the f/uf game? Maybe you you rate it? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. 30/11/2017 / 4:58 pm

    I completely agree – its a pet peeve of mine when people follow to then unfollow – you can usually tell who will do it by the number of followers/accounts they follow back. Its frustrating, but as you say, I try adn be honest about it, and just unfollow those whose content I’m not particularly interested in seeing.

  2. C
    18/11/2017 / 12:13 pm

    I know what you mean! The insta ones I like it when they follow and you dont follow back because you know their intentions lol. The title of this post really drew me in. Well done xxx.

    • admin
      26/11/2017 / 7:27 am

      Thanks for your feedback! Yes, it is annoying, but they still continue to do it…. even after this post!! lol

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