5 Lazy Girl Ways To Breeze Through Housework

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When you lead a busy life, it’s so easy to let mess build up at home, the last thing you want after a long day is to have to drag out the hoover. So I’ve learned to keep a clean house the lazy way, good intentions & all that! Instead of tons of cleaning, I just adopted a few quick habits that I do throughout the day. They take very little time & have become second nature.

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They help me keep my house clean without making myself crazy. I don’t have to spend designated time cleaning, because our gaff stays presentable despite everything my kids throws at it.

So, I thought I’d share some of my tips to keep your house presentable (most of the time). Here are a few quick cleaning tips you can use & also that will keep you active with the help of some of my favourite home made cleaning products to make taking care of your home a great deal simpler & less stressful.

You know what?

You don’t have to spend all your time cleaning to have a presentable home – Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!. Don’t worry about trying to do everything all in one go. Take a lazy girl’s approach & start adopting these few little habits into your daily routine.

Make your bed.

It’s a no brainer, but if you are going to make one habit, make it a bed-making habit!

It takes less than a minute. This isn’t Marie Kondo. Just pull up the duvet & throw & give the pillows a quick fluff. It makes the whole room look tidy & presentable!. Even if the shelves are covered in dust. The neat bed draws your eye away from everything else 😉

Pish Pish!

Make your room fresh by spraying the bedding & with something that gets rid of odors & helps you drift off to a relaxing sleep, try making your own home made Lavender room spray, it’s 100% natural, smells divine & so simple!

Keep the bottle close by to give your bedding a fresh scent whenever you feel like it & spray in the evening to make the room relaxing for bedtime.

Got piles of dishes?

If you’ve seriously not got the time, or just cream crackered (knackered) & cant be bothered with tackling the dishes, at least neaten them! I usually leave the dinner dishes because it’s late in the evening, I either want to chill out with my daughter before our lovely bedtime routine (squabbles & defiance) 😀 Or I have time in the morning to do them. So I rinse/scrape off the mess from all the dishes & stack them in the corner so they look neat & the kitchen sink isn’t full with dirty dishes.

A quick wipe down

In the bathroom & kitchen, make a habit of wiping down counters with a wet cloth or antibacterial wipe.

I’ve found that a quick wipe-down with antibacterial wipes can hide many a sin. It also ensures that dirt gets cleaned off before it gets hard & impossible to clean & helps prevent the spread of germs. Nothing worse than toothpaste marks on the sink & watermarks on the mirror!
I do a quick wipe down several times each day after using areas & it honestly only takes seconds.


Paperwork & toys make the biggest mess around here so finding a spot for everything helps keep things looking tidy & is easier to clear up if you do have unexpected guests!

Having a space for all your paperwork will help you whizz through the cleaning without having to look at the clutter all the time! Not to mention, that can cause all kinds of anxiety! We don’t need that kinda negativity!

I find that a big part of having a house that feels presentable is having less stuff cluttering every surface. Once you have less stuff, you have to find a home for it all. So just make sure their home is never on worktops or on the floor!


Bathrooms always accumulate the most amount of clutter, toiletries & nonsense, if you have no storage space, invest in some cute baskets for a stylish storage solution that looks way tidier than everything on the shelves. It makes cleaning & wiping down surfaces much quicker if there’s less to move!

Focus on the floors.

Having kids ensures that floors would always look dirty if I ignored them. They show every single crumb! When floors are dirty, the entire house looks dirty. But if I just spend a little time daily on the floors, it makes the whole house look better.

I find that by spending a few minutes daily on my floors it’s easier to keep the house looking presentable. & a quick & simple wipe through with a microfiber mop makes a world of difference.

Focus on quick jobs to keep a clean house.

Making your bed, doing the dishes, cleaning floors & wiping counters are all maintenance items. Instead of spending more time later, I spend a few minutes right now. If it takes less than 5 minutes, I think it’s easier to do now than put it off until later.

5 Hacks to help you breeze through cleaning –
  1. Shine your taps with Olive Oil! – You only need a small amount, but it leaves your taps gleaming with no elbow grease & repels future splash marks as it just rolls off with the oil protecting the tap!
  2. Black tea to keep mirrors sparkling – Brew up some tea & leave to steep & cool. Once cooled transfer to a spray bottle or dip a cloth to buff & shine those mirrors, it even works on windows! Apparently it’s the Tannic acid in black tea that acts as a cleaning agent to dissolve dirt & grease!
  3. Spraying the shower with shower spray – leaving it to work while you wipe down surfaces every day instead of scrubbing the shower every week, once you’re done with the other surfaces, just rinse & move on to the next job.
  4. Steam cleaning the microwave – Just add a bowl filled half & half with white vinegar & water to a microwave safe bowl, pop it in the microwave for 5 minutes till it gets steamy. Check & repeat if necessary & then simply remove the bowl & wipe down the steamy walls of the microwave.
  5. Blitz that blender – Rather than scrubbing that smoothie residue off sometimes more than once a day, try putting a squirt of Washing liquid & warm water inside & pop the blender on! No scrubbing, no smells!

Hey You! Do you have any tricks to help you whizz through those mundane chores? If so, let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to share!



  1. 28/02/2019 / 8:37 pm

    I love the blender idea!! I HATE cleaning my blender but if you don’t do it right away it gets stinky and gross sooo quickly!

  2. 22/02/2019 / 7:42 pm

    Great tips, Dee! Im the world’s worst at making my bed. I always feel so much better when I do, but I NEVER give myself that extra few minutes unless its the weekend. As far as cleaning the house goes, my thought process is: if it takes less than a minute, just do it now- don’t put it off. That & looking at a room & thinking, “if ___ came over right now.. what would I not want in here?” LOL

    Kendra | http://www.helga-marie.com

    • 27/02/2019 / 5:00 pm

      Yes! exactly… I always think if people came over now, do I want the place to look like a bomb has gone off! I always think of the meme – You’ve never seen a mum move as quick as someone who has 5minutes before a guest unexpectedly announces they’re coming over …..that gives me motivation….. lol 😀

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