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Ali Huda TV Netflix For Kids ThrifDeeDubai DiscountAs a parent, it’s very important to be careful of what your children are exposed to in the vast array of media that is available to them nowadays. There are many ways for them to catch glimpse of something we might not deem suitable!

There was a time when hardly anything Islamic was available for kids, but now the market is growing larger and we are seeing more and more Islamic media for children which is of immense value to any parent wanting their children to start on the right path. It’s already hard enough to keep the kids on the deen, without other distractions that really are of no benefit whatsoever. So I was excited to find out about Ali Huda TV.

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It’s being called the “Netflix for Muslim Kids” coming from an Islamic perspective, it promises to teach Muslim children about Islam in a fun way with 1000’s of shows exclusively for Muslim Kids.

Us & Ali Huda –

I must admit, I was probably more excited than my daughter upon being chosen to do this review, mainly because, although we now live in a Muslim country Alhamdulillah… the TV is very much the same as back home in the UK. Little, to no Islamic programming for kids! Apart from the popular “Kids Nasheeds” Channels…. they can become VERY repetitive & boring… even for my daughter!

We set up Ali Huda on my smart TV so me & my daughter (5 years old) could watch together. It was quick to set up & the interface was easy enough to use, which made it a breeze to scroll through and choose something we liked.

Ali Huda Content –


The episodes are quite short, which is different to what kids are used to with normal stuff on tv, they can last anything up to 25mins! But quick & short isn’t always a bad thing!…. I like stuff that’s to the point & I’m sure kids with the best attention spans still zone out & get bored if something drags on too long! The great thing about Ali Huda is, it’s available across platform, so you can put it on the phone, tablet, or tv & it automatically plays the next episode so you don’t have to keep pressing for it to play.

After a few episodes, it’ll pause & ask if we still want to continue watching which I found to be a great option!

It’s easy to navigate to the content you’re interested in, for instance, you can choose by age group, or nasheeds, Quran, crafts/activities which I felt was a good way to help the end user decide easily.

It has a nice array of programs, but I would like to see something “in-between” ages.

There seemed to be lots more content aimed at younger learners (which is awesome!)  my daughter is almost 6 & She loved The Brainy Bunch, the mini-stories with good morals on behaviour on Tales Of Wisdom! She also loved The Misri Bunch (theme song keeps playing in my head😂)

There are some series that are still being added, I got an email about Active8 & Kids In The Kitchen being added, so we are excited to see those next!!


Features & Pros of Ali Huda –

Streams like a dream! No lagging/buffering! No ads! – win!

  • It can be used across platform, I’ve tried it on both Apple & Android & also smart tv.
  • You can get HD streaming access to all the content and all future releases instantly.
  • The shows are for Muslim kids (&even non-muslim) to entertain & educate on Islamic values & manners.
  • Also by subscribing to Ali Huda, you’re helping fund, even more, future Islamic programming for Kids!

Children will learn –

  1. Stories of the Prophets
  2. Nasheeds and songs
  3. Simple duas, good habits and rituals
  4. Learning to read the Quran
  5. Basic Arabic

How to Sign Up to Ali Huda (Discount baby!) –

Users can sign up for a FREE 7 Day trial and once that trial is over they only have to pay $7.95/month or $79.50/year.

Upon signing up for your trial if you use my special code “THRIFDEE”, you can get 50% off your 1st month! That’s only $3.98 for your first month!

After your free 7-day trial, you will be charged $3.98 per month for the first month (a 50% discount). You will be charged $7.95 per month thereafter.

To sign up just jump on the link – Ali Huda with 50% Discount and scroll to the bottom to sign up for the trial and enter my code!

So there you have it! What better way to give the kids their “screen time” but at the same time, make it beneficial for them & their deen? I’d say that’s a Mummy win!! 😉

Disclaimer: Whilst I was provided with the product for free to review, all the opinions within this review are honest. I may get a commission if you use my code “THRIFDEE” to sign up for a Trial. But I only ever recommend products I use and love myself, so enjoy!



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