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It’s almost a new year 2019…. nope, I’m not going to say the cliche “new year, new me” rubbish! Instead I’m going to set myself a Challenge!

Well my challenge is a family one! I want to change the way we spend our time together as a family! & you should too! This means breaking a few bad habits & gaining new ones, I’m focusing more on a family challenge because, family is very important & for those of us that don’t have family around, then we can still use these challenges to meet our goals of bettering ourselves in 2019!

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Get to the point you’re saying?

This challenge I feel is the most important, hence why it’s first on the list!
Make a point of turning off or putting away your phone/device when with your child!
This can be adapted to when you have friends around too…. nothing worse than having an antisocial friend with a head in their phone!
Having said that, our children deserve our time & attention & I’m making it a point to challenge myself to not be distracted by my phone, we may never get these moments back again, so we should treasure every minute spent with our families (no matter how annoying they can be) 😜

This may start off a bit difficult to get everyone on board with the idea, but introduce – Whole family no electronics hour! This requires everyone to drop their phone/device/remote controls into a box, which you can make & put it by the front door, or any busy area in the home and actually spend the time INTERACTING with each other! It can be playing a board game, doing homework, activities together, or just talking, anything, as long as it does not involve any device!

Passing on wisdom that has an unlimited lifespan is very rewarding not just for you, but for your children! Nobody wants to marry a mummas boy who can’t even burn he’s own toast or a princess who don’t know the basics of everyday household chores! – big no no!!
So Teach your child one thing he/she can do on his own! Once having a skill they’ve mastered they will feel proud of what they can accomplish alone! For instance, my 6 year old can make a mean Tizizaki dip & it also gives you one less job to do – win/win! 😜

Meal Planning!
Planning out your meals for the week saves time and money! (fewer last-minute calls for take aways), and can be far healthier because you’re not faffin about in the kitchen looking for a munch all the time!
When you think your meals through and shop for the ingredients ahead of time, you’re more likely to stick with the healthy habits or goals you’ve set for yourself.
It may seem like a lot, but once you get into the routine of planning your meals, you’ll find it easier not worrying what’s for dinner!
Plus you Save time, energy, and money, and guarantee you’ll get your healthy meals, by making a weekly meal plan.
Begin by putting together a list of your favorite recipes and go-to meals you don’t need recipes for, and plan out at least five lunches/dinners (lunches can be leftovers from the night before made with something else) like my Aranchini for example!
Shop for the meals all at once, so you can start your Monday off with a full fridge and knowing what’s on the schedule. The two additional days can be “free days” to go off-schedule and eat out or treat yourself to something unplanned.

Get healthy! Begin to change the way you start your days! Start off with a glass of warm water & lemon! Having warm lemon juice early in the morning (30mins before breakfast) helps flush out toxins, gets rid of bacteria & has many benefits for the skin, hair & many ailments.
Smoothie, smoothie, smoothie! Can’t say it enough! If you have a nutritiously jam packed smoothie as part of your morning routine you will really feel the difference! Get the whole family into the routine of having a yummy smoothie in the mornings! Check out my top concoctions for the best filling healthy smoothies for the whole family – HERE!

Knowledge is power! So make it your goal to Learn something new!
Sign up to a free course online, attend a workshop, seminar, or teach yourself a new hobby, maybe you’ve never tried crocheting? (something to do with the kids) take up paintings, memorise some Quran! We are told to seek knowledge every day, so we should challenge ourselves daily!

Clear out the clutter!! Get Organised.
There are many ways that decluttering and organising our lives & homes can help our well-being! When the home is cluttered & disorganised, your brain feels the same! Coming home should be a serene experience, this is your place to chill & unwind, not stare at piles of letters & other stuff so make a point to go through your clutter and make the place calm once again!


Spend Less, Save More! Let’s get a grip on spending so we can save a little & treat ourselves more often! If we focus on the little things we spend on without realising & nip that in the bud, you’ll see a difference in your monthly out goings. Try my FREE printable expense tracker & watch how quickly you have extra to spend on yourself! You can grab yours – HERE!


So are you ready for the Challenge? Comment below on which challenges you’re ready to do & if you are planning to add your own, please let me know! Don’t forget to share!


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