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So how can you get to the first page of Google search & rank high on Pinterest? Simple! – a few little tricks!

Our friend Pinterest is an amazing tool that you could really benefit from if used properly! That’s why I can’t stop talking about it!
Some people don’t even realise that Pinterest is a search engine. They get on Pinterest, pin like mad, join a bunch of group boards & wonder why they’re not successful in driving traffic to their site.
As a result they miss tons of traffic! Too many are in such a rush to pin frantically, that they’re totally missing the fact that you need to apply proper SEO tactics on your website, blog AND your Pinterest account so that you will get found on Pinterest.

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So why SEO?

SEO is important because if you can end up on the first page of Google’s organic search under your main keywords you will drive more traffic to your site. In addition, it will be a higher quality of traffic because they are looking for you! They are interested in your product or service & actively looking for it. SEO works on your website & your Pinterest page. A little tweak on both can get more hits to your site easily.

Pinterest has its own internal search engine & if you apply SEO tactics correctly in Pinterest you will appear on top or near the top of the Pinterest search engine results too. That will drive more interested traffic to your Pinterest page, boards & pins.
Getting more traffic from Google & inside Pinterest benefits you because you can get more followers, which leads to more website visits, which can lead to possible customers/subscribers/sales.

There are over 170 billion pins on Pinterest. How do you really know if you’re optimising your account correctly so your site ranks high on the Pinterest search engine? One of your most important goals on Pinterest is to drive traffic to your website/blog. Your Pinterest page is an extension of your website.
When people are browsing on Pinterest & they click on an image it takes them back to where that information originally came from – your website, blog, or product page!

Using descriptive keywords & pin descriptions

When creating the right pin description. You should treat your pin descriptions as you would the title of a web page. Descriptive keywords are key here. The goal is to accurately represent the pin, use the words you think the end users are searching for & help them find what they are looking for.

Pinterest places great importance on pin descriptions, like Google puts importance on web page titles. If you want your content to end up in the first row of Pinterest search results, it is important to optimise the descriptions with popular & relevant keywords. Place the most relevant keywords at the beginning of the text, this will improve your pin rankings.

Very important! – Alt Image Tags

By default, Pinterest pulls the description from the Alt text on your image. Take the time to examine that Alt text & make changes to them so Pinterest can fully use it. Imagine if your image Alt text is like – image0382 or something random, that’s the information that will show on your pin – no no!

Keyword Rich Titles

You already know keywords are important, but how do you know which ones to use? There are a number of resources available to make your search for the perfect keywords easier.

You can start with the Pinterest autocomplete function. When you click the Search button in Pinterest, the search engine automatically suggests common combinations of words. Those common word combinations can become excellent long-tail keywords for the right pins.

Pinterest Guided Search is another helpful tool for choosing the right keywords. This is intended to help users categorize & filter search results. You can use these filters to find keywords that are right for you & build them into your overall strategy.

If you want your blog posts to rank high on Pinterest pick the most popular topics that your target audience will want to look for.
For example, if you’re a VA & your target audience are bloggers & business/brand owners use the Pinterest Guided Search Tool to see the most popular topics to them at the moment –

The line of topics in the boxes listed under the Guided Search Tool, Pinterest is telling you, right now those words or topics are getting the most traffic on Pinterest.

The first keyword or topic reading from left to right is the word with the highest traffic. The 2nd word from the left gets the 2nd most traffic & so on.
For instance, if you were a VA & want to connect with your target audience you would need to make these topics a priority. You will benefit if you write about topics such as:

  • How to become a Virtual Assistant
  • Finding Clients For Your VA Business
  • Creating A VA Planner

Because these are the topics people on Pinterest are looking for.

TIP: Focus on evergreen content (posts that have long-lasting relevance) see more about Evergreen content – Here Something that is Evergreen will get the most shares on Pinterest.

Creating blog posts that are seasonal like “Mothers Day” & so on, may not get as much re-pins because when you share a blog post on Pinterest it takes time for Pinterest to get a new pin to rank high in a user’s feed, search, etc. Let’s also assume you’ve properly optimised your pins. It takes about three months to see the full value of a pin! So think about the pin long term & how it will be re-pinned in the future – For instance a recipe I posted over 4 months ago has only just recently been getting my highest visitor count because Pinterest has now ranked the pin high.

Use Pinterest Analytics

You can analyse the performance of your profile by looking at the number of impressions for each pin. You will no doubt see some pins with lots of impressions & others with next to none. By analysing the results, you can use keyword optimization to find results & build on that success in the future.

Don’t forget to make your titles unique too. If you need help with your title’s check out Portent’s Content Idea Generator.
Just enter the subject of your pin and the tool will generate new & sometimes funny titles for you!

Rich Board Names

One of the best things about Pinterest boards is that they can appear in Google search results. That gives you an excellent opportunity to boost your organic search rankings and build traffic for your long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords

The effective way to make your boards rank high in Google search results – If a long-tail keyword contains the word Pinterest, it is likely to rank well on Google. Niche-specific keywords that cover a narrow topics also tend to do well in Google rankings.
Of course creating boards are just the beginning. You will also need to make the board relevant to your profile by building relevant content & keeping it updated. Also choose the right description for your boards, a description that includes the keywords you have chosen can improve your Pinterest search rankings.

Create a board based off of a current trend & try to relate that to your niche. You can use Google Trends to help you with this, full info can be found – here


Complete Pinterest Profile

The Pinterest profile is the key to success, so take the time to make yours a good one. The first step is to make sure your domain link is part of your Pinterest profile. Properly verified accounts get better exposure in Pinterest search results, so this one step can have an enormous impact.

Set up your Pinterest business account
  1. Username
  2. Business name
  3. About section
  4. Board title
  5. Board description
  6. Pin descriptions (TIP – because over 80% of Pinterest users use their mobiles add your most important information in the first 75 characters)

Give special attention to the name of the profile, people can use keywords to search for pins, boards & profiles. If you want your profile to be found for a specific keyword, you should try to naturally add it to your brand name/description.

If all else fails & you really don’t have the time to stretch yourself & push Pinterest to it’s full potential alone, don’t worry I’m here to help!
ThrifDee offers Pinterest Management Services with packages to take the stress & hassle off your hands & help you get better results faster!

Hey! What strategies do you have to make full use of your Pinterest? Do you have any tips & tricks to add to this list?
Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to share!!



  1. 23/11/2018 / 4:26 pm

    How appropriate as I sit here about to get started on Pinterest tips. I am about two months or so into the blogging business. I have heard so many great things about Pinterest. Therefore, I plan to use my downtime today. Learning and implementing such.

    • 22/11/2018 / 11:20 pm

      Yay! I’m glad I can be of some help! 😀

  2. 21/11/2018 / 4:12 pm

    Great article.. it seems as much as I THINK I know about Pinterest, theres always more to learn. Thanks!

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