The Most Realistic Blogging Schedule You Will Ever Need!

A Blogging Schedule That Will Actually Help You Make Money! Don't worry if you aren't a blogger, most of these tasks will apply to any type of website.

A Blogging Schedule That Will Actually Help You Make Money

If you’re looking for a blogging schedule that will have you faffin’ about at your desktop or device for hours every day, then I’m sorry, this article isn’t for you! This is a realistic schedule, for those who have other, home/work, or family responsibilities that limit your time online. It is a simple way to help you stay focused & actually make you some money from your online biz!

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In this article, I’m going to show you a rundown of what my blogging activities look like & guide you to balance business & family life, without too much stress & effort.

The imperative parts of any blogging schedule –

Your daily routine might look a little different than mine because we all have different roles & responsibilities obviously. But I will tell you that there are a few important things that every small business owner/website owner or blogger needs to do on a regular basis to actually keep things ticking over & make an end profit in the long run.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a blogger, because most of these tasks will apply to anyone, no matter what type of website you have & revenue leads you are focusing on. That includes using Increditools to help your growth on Instagram.

Where to begin

Now don’t oversee these tasks, because these are what holds your website activity together, keeps it ticking & most importantly, gets that traffic & customers! If you miss out on these, you are letting loyal subscribers & visitors through your fingers without realising.

The main tasks you SHOULD be doing at least a few times per week:

  • Creating your content – Researching, writing & publishing.
  • Graphics – Social media graphics/Pinterest pins.  
  • Traction – Engaging with your audience on social media & most importantly on your blog.  
  • Do some marketing – share your blog/products/services.   
  • Network – with others in your field (ie -facebook blogging groups) & also connect with brands/affiliates.  
  • Grow – your social media accounts, blog traffic, & email list.
#1 Research

Research is where you need to begin to get the ball rolling with any articles or social media posts/campaign. Because, obviously, you want to know what’s trending. You’ll want to know what people are searching for & what’s popular long after it’s been published. See my sure-fire guide to have your website compete with the most popular posts online right now, & begin your research!

#2 Write

If you want to collect revenue from your website you are going to need to keep actively writing, especially if you are a blogger, you’ll need to write – lots! Readers like that stuff! 🙂

It’s not just about tapping those keys & writing, you’ll also need to edit & optimise your posts for search engines, which takes some time & effort too.

#3 Publish

You don’t have to publish every single day, I know I don’t! When I was actively blogging at a consistent pace, I was publishing twice a week & that is doable for someone who is a full-time busy mummy! You just need to get into the habit of writing something every single day…even if it’s just writing notes on your mobile or jotting down blog post ideas into a diary.

Blog post names ideas diary jotting writing articles writing lists ideas brainstorm bullet journal scribble

If you’re trying to build an income from your blog, then you really need to focus on writing for your readers. You need to know your niche & create content that is actually valuable & relevant to them.
Once you decide your content & frequency of publishing, do just that – publish!

#4 Create blog graphics, Social media graphics & Pinterest pins

I can’t stress enough the importance of images within your posts & articles. The online world is almost a completely visual place. Not only do images make your website look better, but the Alt text on each image is picked up by Google, which helps them index your page within the search engine, giving you another way of being seen easily in the search.

You need to create visuals for your blog articles & social media accounts if you want to stand out & get your point across. It also helps to have some sort of branding so as you become more well known, you are recognised across social media. If you stand out that means more readers, more authority & more potential clients & eventually making money from your website.

Don’t worry if you do not own Photoshop or other graphic design tools, You can use a free resource like Canva to create all of your graphic images for your blog & your social media platforms.

Graphics Tips:

  • Using consistent fonts, colors, & background images will help your branding.
    • People will start to recognize the images, fonts, & colors you use & will associate them with your blog. Having said that, I’m not a fan of a Pinterest feed that is full of pins that are all “samey”
      I will 80% not follow if I notice all of an accounts pins are exactly all the same design/colours & sharing constantly JUST from their website, I like accounts that offer diversity & share valuable content from a range of different sites, not just their own.
    • Keep to the consistent theme if that is the look you are going for with your brand, by all means, just experiment & change it up a bit, try adding images that pertain to the subject you are writing about at that time.
  • Create multiple pin images for Pinterest.
    • A minimum of 3 images PER post is sufficient, You should be sharing your content on Pinterest daily with a variety of attention-grabbing pins, this will make it easier for people to find, follow, & pin your stuff & most importantly, visit your website!
  • No brainer – add your website link to every image.
    • If you want to make sure people recognise your website & prevent anyone stealing/copying your images you must add your link!
    • Adding your website address at the bottom of the image is more than enough, see it as a watermark or copyright of your hard work 🙂

Creating If I am publishing an article twice a week, then once or twice a week I will dedicate time to creating all of the graphics/pins, because I make 3 pins per post. That’s minimum 6 graphics per week, Don’t worry, it does not need to be at the same time as you are writing & you don’t want to waste lots of time trying to get inspo for pins & graphics. Just pick a suitable time when you are feeling creative. If you feel like this takes up too much time, this is where creating a few “templates” that you can use over again comes in handy, if you already have a colour scheme/theme you are running with, it shouldn’t be hard to whip up a few pins if you aren’t feeling inspired at the time. Just change up some fonts & add images that relate to that particular post & boom, you’re done!

#5 Engaging with followers on social media & your blog

If you want to grow your blog & make money, your daily blogging schedule must include some real engagement with your audience, on social media & most importantly, on your blog. This shows how genuine you are, how much you value your readers & followers. You need to make real connections with people to show you’re not some bot.

Tips for engaging with your audience:
  • Engage with your audience on Instagram, use hashtags to find people that are interested in what your page focus is. If you are a pet blog….. search for all things #animal. Consider changing your name to something more memorable with an instagram name generator. Genuinely follow & interact with people with the same interests. Getting noticed through genuine engagement means more people showing interest in you & your website.
  • Joining groups that bring value to your networking can really boost not only your morals, but fanbase! Get in there & mingle, you are missing out on a golden opportunity to network! Join the group Loss2aBoss – Online business made easy, to help you define, help & grow within your revenue stream.
    Join Facebook communities where your target market spends time. Answer their questions, offer them tips, & provide genuine value whenever you can. Just be sure to follow group rules!
  • Answer all comments on your blog & social media profiles, Let your audience know they matter to you!
  • Engage with your audience on Instagram, use hashtags to find people that are interested in what your page focus is. If you are a pet blog….. search for all things #animal. Genuinely follow & interact with people with the same interests. Getting noticed through genuine engagement means more people showing interest in you & your website.
  • Take a browse around & comment on the blogs & social media posts of the more popular writers out there in the same niche. Their followers are similar to the audience that you want following you, so engaging with others in your niche will lead to more exposure for your website.
  • End each blog post with a call-to-action. Always give your followers a way to interact with you, ask them engaging questions to get the ball rolling. Basically, if you want to see engagements within your posts, you have to engage with others first.
#6 Marketing for your website

You need to do some marketing for your blog, website, or products. This should be daily or at a minimum a few times a week. Do some research to see what people want/need from you & find ways to get your stuff seen by potential buyers. Even if you don’t currently have a product you are selling, promoting your blog posts & articles are still very important if you want more traffic or ad revenue.

Where your focus should be:

Dedicate the most important part of the marketing & administration of your site on the tasks that have potential for making money first. This includes taking care of anyone & anything that contributes to your blogging income.

#7 Networking with your peers, brands & affiliates

Networking is simply interacting with other people to build professional relationships. This is of great importance in the blogging world.
You can do online networking anywhere, although I’ve found Facebook groups, like the one I mentioned previously & Twitter work best.

Building relationships with other writers, small business owners & bloggers will be an important part of your support structure, but building relationships with brands, affiliate companies, publishers & PR departments will help you get paid in the end.

#8 Grow your social media & email list

Having a fan base of loyal customers & followers is so important when you’re a blogger. People can’t find you or buy from you if you’re non-existent online, so you really need to take a little time each day to focus on growth within your community. Now I’m not saying spam them with ALL of your products or recommendations on affiliate items you are plugging, no… be lighthearted, share a funny meme or food post! Maybe you have achieved something that you are proud of, post it! Get people talking, it doesn’t need to be all humdrum & boring cold selling all the time!

Engaging with others means posting helpful content, share your story, using clear/bright images to help you stand out. Make sure you are providing valuable free content, this will help you earn your place as an expert in your field. All of these things combined will help you to find your people, earn their trust, & lead them to your social accounts or, even better, your website & email list.

Numbers aren’t everything!

Last but not least – Please don’t get sucked into number moderating! It can become easy to get engrossed in the number of followers you have, but in all honesty, it is far, far better to have a select few of organic LOYAL followers, than hundreds of “follow/unfollowers” or worse still, bots!

Hey! What do you think of this schedule to help you master the online content world? Is there anything you would like to add to this list? Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to share!!



  1. 11/07/2020 / 10:40 am

    Thank you for the tips! I’m doing almost all of these currently but good to know that these are all important. I’ve learnt to focus on pins and engage more with my audience 🙂

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