5 Major Money Savers – The Home Edition

5 ultimate lifestyle money saving tips to help you change the way you spend on your home, and still spruce up the place, on a budget of course! Frugal, Life Hacks, Spend Less, save more

Home is where the heart is, for anyone & especially in these uncertain times, we are spending way much more money & time at home. This is when you start to notice those little fixer-upper bits around the house you never took much notice of before. Though I know lots of us are finding it difficult financially at the moment, it is good for our mental well-being to feel comfortable & secure in our surroundings, so this seems like the perfect time to change the way we spend on our homes, but still spruce up the place, on a budget of course! – I wouldn’t be ThrifDee otherwise! 😀

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So, what are the best money-saving ways that you can implement around the home? Here’s all you need to know! –

#1 Going Minimalist

Given that most households struggle for space, especially here in London, I feel every flat is tiny with awkward corners! So opting for a minimalist design style is very practical. Using savvy design inspiration from places like Ikea can really help you free up some space, especially when you have kids toys & lots of stuff that needs storing. I like floors being clear of clutter to make cleaning easier. I feel having increased ease of cleaning helps me to stop procrastinating & putting off my chores, particularly if using a robotic vacuum, who wouldn’t like a robot doing their chores for them? Also, going minimalist will help your rooms look bigger, brighter & ultimately better!

#2 That decorating buzz

Since lockdown, I’ve had a major DIY buzz! I’ve always loved home decor since I was a child, I wanted to be an interior designer & often asked my father to take me to work with him. So spending a considerable amount of time at home the last few months has given me the urge to spruce up the place! But before the sprucing up comes the cleaning up! A company such as Ultimate Upkeep, a cleaning and painting company Lynchburg, is a go-to company to get everything spic’n’span before the decorating begins! They can even help you with the painting work too! When sprucing up, I even went so far as to add some neon to my kitchen to give it that 90’s vibe! That’s where Neon Mama and similar websites came in handy. Now my decor reminds me of a trendy retro cafe with these styles of signs I’m loving at the moment.
Sprucing up the home obviously costs & although some home upgrades should be left to the pros, I did find a lifesaver that is – DIY Doctor it can teach you to complete an extensive range of jobs around the home. Which is awesome Aside from cutting out labour costs, the quick repair jobs also stop energy waste & escalating damage. Novices may only stick to very simple tasks, but most people are capable of developing the skills to handle intermediate upgrades. Crucially, learning to repair rather than instantly replace broken goods will make your finances work a lot harder. What more could any homeowner ask for?

#3 Going Green

The move towards eco-friendly technology has been a hot talking point in recent years. Your property is the perfect place to start the biggest transition. Green additions will cut your spend & energy usage. Whether it’s boosting the insulation, switching to LED lights, or saving water doesn’t matter. When your home uses fewer resources, the monthly bills obviously fall. Sometimes, money-saving is about the long game, & this is a great example. Aside from paying for themselves, any investments can boost your home’s value.

#4 Researching Suppliers

Do you know what else can save you a ton of money at home? Switching providers, for everything!! It’s very easy to fall into the trap of staying with the same companies for the sake of convenience, but I found that me staying with my ISP for example, after my contract was up…. the monthly fee also went up! So I decided to shop around for a better deal. You could be losing hundreds by not making a few calls. Whether it’s cheaper home coverage from One Sure Insurance or switching to a new broadband firm to get the new client offer is up to you. Once again, utilities & energy consumption are another major factor. This is why you should research the tariffs offered by various companies. Even if you knock 10% off of each bill, the annual savings can help pay towards your family holiday.

#5 Avoiding food wastage

Food waste is a major problem. I really hate wasting food! In fact, it is suggested that roughly one-third of the world’s food is wasted in the West! I know that shopping on an empty stomach or falling for the Buy One Get One Free deals can spell disaster. It may seem like you’re getting a great deal, but even cheap foods are a waste of cash if they end up in the bin. Make a food diary to track how much you actually consume in a week. In turn, you’ll be ready to make the calculated choices needed to cut your food bill without missing out on your favourite treats.

Hey! Have you caught the home improvement buzz too? What tips do you have for money saving when fixing up your home? Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to share!!


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