Preparing To Leave Lockdown – 5 Steps To Welcome Guests Again.

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Being in lockdown has either given us 2 new passions – you’re either enthusiastic about DIY and freshening up your home. Or you are preparing for the long-awaited times when you can have guests over again. When guests from out of town come to visit, you want your house to look its best. Not only do you take time to do a thorough clean-up (those manic 5 minutes before guests arrive) but you also invest energy to make it comfortable.

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There are many creative ways that you can make your guests feel at home. Whether it’s your family or a long-lost friend, use these smart tips to make them comfy.

Prepare Early

Last-minute preparations are always nervy because you’re not sure whether you have everything in check. Instead, tidy up the house, do the laundry, and remove all the clutter at least one day before your guests arrive. Also, ensure you have enough blankets and pillows to allow for a sleepover.

While you may not set up a professional meal with restaurant tablecloths and everything, you can prepare delicacy your guests will love by:

Finding That Food!

While there’s no harm in trying out new recipes that impress guests, It’s good to cook what you already know, but trying new stuff is always a sure way to impress. But if you lack any decent kitchen skills, stick to simple meals like rice or potatoes that are easy to make.

Mi Casa Su Casa!

Your visitor is likely someone you know very well or at least have a clue about their likes and dislikes. So go that extra mile to make them feel at home by attending to their needs. Although you want to be a caring host by keeping your guests company and entertained at all times, you should allow for moments of privacy.

Have Something Ready before Arrival

Apart from receiving your guests when they arrive, it is also courteous to have something waiting after they arrive at your residence.

Depending on whom you’re hosting and the type of journey they’ve had, you can assemble different things, including:

·         Drinks

·         Snacks

·         Food

·         Gifts

Make your guests feel welcome after a long journey by arranging pleasant surprises as a token of appreciation. Also, give them a tour of the house, and show them where specific items are and how to locate things around your home quickly.

Provide the Essentials

The most frequently asked question from guests these days is – “what’s your WiFi password?” So, don’t forget to give them the essential need-to-know info when they arrive. Teach your guest how to operate various things like house thermostats, lights, or the TV. Include vital details such as Wi-Fi passwords and alarm codes that will aid your guest to settle-in quickly and feel more at home.

Making your guests feel at home is the surest way to leave a lasting impression. Use the tips above to keep visitors coming to your home comfortable and happy.

Hey! What preparations do you make when someone is coming over? Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to share!!


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