7 Surefire Ways To Make Moving Easier With Kids


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Moving home, whether it’s to a different city or a new country, can be extremely stressful! & if you have kids, the whole process can become even more hectic & difficult. However, adopting the right attitude & giving proper time to your kids can make the whole ordeal considerably better.

Here are my tried & tested tips that can help you keep your mind sane & your move less stressful!

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Getting geared up mentally for a move can be easier as an adult (to some extent) but for kids, sometimes they can’t understand the end product! –
No going back! This is why it’s imperative that you prepare them mentally, No matter what age your kids are, teens or tweens. You need to prepare them for the move. Talk to them about the transition. Explain what ‘moving’ actually means, especially to the younger kids & how or why you need to move. Try to handle all hissy fits & arguments as calmly as possible, the last thing you need is adding more stress to the table.

Timing & Organising

You might have to move in a short span of time so being hurried or packing in one big swoop won’t help. Younger kids will most definitely disrupt the packing process & you will only end up overwhelming yourself. Organisation & planning your time are key, especially working around your responsibilities with kids. So be sure to make enough time for the packing so that you can do it properly.

Make them earn their keep

Ok that’s a joke, but seriously, you can use these little people to help you. If they are old enough, involve them in the packing process as much as possible, especially when packing up their rooms & belongings. Ask them what they want to keep with them & what needs to be packed away. Their involvement would make them feel useful & make the transition process easier & smoother. Pack a small bag or box of their favorite things that can stay with them throughout. Don’t forget to label everything clearly so you know exactly which box contains what – this will come in handy when you reach the new place & have to quickly find one specific item that your kid needs immediately.

To make it easier on yourself, make a list of duties for them beforehand that are age appropriate some ideas are –
  • Checking for missed items
  • Sweeping
  • Dusting
  • Packing up their own toys
  • Carrying small boxes and bags

Having your kids involved in the moving & packing process will go a long way toward keeping them focused & engaged rather than simply being under your feet – win!

Get Adventurous

It is likely that even with help, some routines do get disrupted. So, rather than worrying about that, you can make the disruption into an adventure. This can include simple things like a trip to their favorite place to eat, staying up late to watch a movie, an incentive gift. Play some games to let them get to know the new place, area. Go for a walk, play some eye spy & spot new things!

New beginnings

To maintain the spirit of adventure over the whole moving transition, talk to your kids about how much fun moving could be. Mention the opportunities the new neighborhood or city will offer them that they can then look forward to with excitement. You can even discuss room plans and how they want to decorate their new rooms! Kids adjust faster when their surroundings feel familiar, so be sure to get out & about as soon as possible. Walk to ice cream shops & parks. Introduce yourselves to other families in the area if possible. You could even check online at what’s happening locally & pick out a few fun activities together to try in your new town so they have something to look forward to once you arrive at your new home.

Don’t forget the farewells

Give them opportunity to meet their friends before they move away (especially if you’re moving to a different country) & a chance to exchange contact information for anyone who wants to remain in touch.

Last but not least, try to be chilled! Staying stress-free could be hard, especially when you can’t stop thinking about all the stuff that you have to do. Keep reminding yourself that this is only temporary; that your kid will stay relaxed only if you do, & only then will you be able to get anything done.

Hey! Have you experienced moving with kids recently? If so, what advice, tips & wisdom can you offer?
Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to share!!



  1. 08/09/2018 / 10:28 pm

    I move around the US a lot, but moving with kids sounds terrifying! These tips are awesome though! Thanks so much!

    • 16/09/2018 / 12:12 am

      Hope I didn’t scare you off! 😀 … Thanks for reading!

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