Is It September Yet? – 6 Crafts To Get You Through Summer

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Is It September Yet? Was my first thought as the holidays began. I have been away from the computer for way more longer than I should have been & neglecting my blog, but with summer holidays, I’m sure like most of you…. I’m living in a tornado with kids attached :/

Trying to keep them busy (& me sane) is hard during the summer because it feels like there is no routine. Although I love the relaxed vibe of no school runs & lounging in pajamas, I feel everything they learn throughout the school year goes out of the window! Keeping minds focused on activities can be a battle if it isn’t something exciting.

So we’ve been trying different crafts using a glue gun. The flexibility, durability & general usefulness of a hot glue gun makes it a sturdy way to preserve crafts, making them long lasting, so they can make perfect gifts. Whether you’re creating personalised teachers gifts, beautiful decorations for your home or are simply having fun, there’s a hot glue craft to suit everyone.

6 Ways To Glue Gun Fun

Before you get started making these six easy hot glue crafts you’re first going to want to make sure you have a hot glue gun. Thankfully, hot glue guns can be picked up from any good craft shop, Poundland or ordered easily online, be sure to also top up on pdr glue sticks to make sure you don’t run out mid craft.

A Coiled Rope Basket

Would you have guessed that you could make your own coiled rope basket with simply a length of rope & some glue? Both beautiful, practical & perfect for holding towels in the bathroom, kids toys or even as a decorative plant pot cover. These baskets can be made in any style, just find the length & style of rope that you like. It’s easiest to make your basket using a solid template such as a bucket but they can also be made free-standing. Simply coil & stick. The glue not only makes these baskets no-sew but it also gives them more structural integrity. This same technique can also be used with other crafts such as rope coasters and placemats.

Image credit: Alice & Lois DIY

Hot Glue Gun SnowFlakes
Christmas may seem like a long way away but it’s never too early to get prepared and the basic principle of these hot glue gun snowflakes can be transferred into any easily stenciled decoration. This is also a great craft for the children to get involved in, you simply operate the glue gun and when the glue has cooled your kids can decorate away with glitter.

Hot Glue Jewellery 

Jazzy necklaces, custom earrings, cute hair clips, unique rings & beautiful bracelets can all be fashioned with the humble hot glue gun. Start with something easy such as these glitter drop earrings, simply create your shape on a silicone mat and press in an eye-pin to attach to your earring wires. These earrings can be customised in any colour, shape or size to suit & you can even add some sparkle by inserting some gemstones. 

Image credit: 30 Minute Crafts

Hot Glue Canvas Art
Whatever your artistic ability, you’ll be able to create some unique canvas art using your hot glue gun. From stand out quotes to picturesque trees a hot glue gun will give a 3D look & feel to your creation. To get started all you will need is a canvas, your hot glue gun & the decorative elements of your choice. Decide on a design, such as this tree, and either lightly trace your idea first or go straight ahead and freehand with your hot glue gun. Build up your design to the thickness you desire and then let cool before decorating with paint and other materials of your choice.
Image Credit – Pancakes Presents

Hot Glue Gun Spider Webs

With Halloween just around the corner a really simple craft you can make is hot glue gun spider webs, which can be done a couple of different ways. By following the same method as the snowflakes you can make rigid spider webs, & glue a creepy crawly into the middle of them. Alternatively, by making use of the stringy wisps of glue that most crafters hate, you can tease out soft, floaty spider webs to drape between branches or from your lampshades. 

Image Credit: The Centsible Life

Hot Glue Gun Cork Letters

Turn trash into art by using old bottle corks or bottle caps to make funky decorative letters. Simply glue your corks or bottle caps to some wood or cardboard in your chosen shape. Be sure to keep them as close together as possible & avoid any gaps to give the illusion that the shape is entirely made from your chosen material – it’s easier to make larger letters as the corks will fit more naturally. Should you decide to use wine bottle corks then the delicate staining caused by different types of wine can add a great colour to the piece. 

Another simple hot glue craft that can be created with corks is a bath mat! 

Image Credit: DIY Joy

Remember that although hot glue guns are great fun for adults to play with they are not a toy & should be supervised at all times when being used around children. With so many hot glue crafts to choose from what will you make first? Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to share!!


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