Sending a Gift? Here’s Why Gift Cards Are a Bad Idea

Gift cards are so old school! Get up to date on the latest ways to send that special someone a great gift.

These days, sending a gift card is perhaps the most common way to celebrate someone’s birthday or a special occasion. All you need to do is pick a store that they shop from, buy a gift card, then send it straight to their email. You don’t even need to think twice about what the gift is as long as it’s somewhat related to their interests.

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However, sending a gift card might be a bad idea, especially if you’re not 100% sure about what stores your recipient like to shop at. So in this post, we’re going to give you a few reasons why you should actually avoid them.

There are loads of other gift ideas that you can try

There are so many different gift ideas you can try and it’s boring to stick to just gift cards. Yes, they’re a very versatile gift option, but they’re also really boring and won’t stick out or be memorable. You can try a custom hand-made gift, you can try to personalize an item, or you can just ask your recipient what they want. There are so many other options and buying a gift card can often seem like an outdated present these days.

If you’re looking for more unique gift ideas, then there are plenty of blog posts around that you can read for ideas.

People can easily sell gift cards now

If you ever get an unwanted gift card, there are actually services where you can sell Grub Hub gift cards and gift cards for many other major brands. You just enter the code, check to see if it’s real, then you get credit for the amount in your bank account. It’s really quick and easy to do, making it a fantastic way to just get the monetary value of a gift card so that you can use it for something else.

Since these services exist, you might as well just give your recipient the money or ask them what they want as a gift. If they’re just going to sell the gift card and get the money from it, then it’s not really going to be a present. It just adds another step to complicate things and they’ll probably appreciate it more if you just give them money.

Most people forget about gift cards

Did you know that half of all Americans have unused gift cards? It’s an incredible number and you’d be surprised that it’s also costing them over $21 billion. Gift cards are often forgotten because people don’t always shop 24/7. They might leave a gift card in their wallet and they might forget to use it because they don’t frequently visit that store. As a result, they’ll end up leaving it until it expires.

If you don’t want your gift card to go to waste, then don’t buy one. Considering the amount of people who have unwanted gift cards laying around, there’s a fairly high chance that yours will be forgotten too!

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