Outside Of The Box Ways to Increase Your Income

The best ways to increase your income after Lockdown

With the end of the UK Lockdown looming in, You may need help to get back on track financially. A huge focus for some people is their finances, and how they can increase their income levels. With that in mind, here are some of the best options that you could consider now and for the rest of the year ahead.    

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Property can be very lucrative

Property is one of the biggest ways you can make a serious amount of cash, and renovating them can only boost your chances of increasing the value. So if you find yourself in your home with a long list of jobs that need doing, make the next twelve months the time that you do it and then sell your home and move onto the next project. The cash influx could help you move forward with your life plans far quicker. Property, in general, can be very lucrative in terms of income, and even buying another property to rent out can give you short and long term income. 

What about investments?

Investing wisely could be a great incentive to make more over the coming year ahead, and perhaps you are intrigued by how some people do it. Investing only, making it on trades like Forex trading or stocks and shares and then taking advantage of profits. Sometimes in these circumstances, research is the key to help you feel more informed, and could have you on the right track. 

Going freelance

Maybe you have a skill that you want to earn money from, so going freelance in your spare time on taking on projects over the weekend or when you aren’t committed to your full-time job could be the answer. It might be writing, developing websites or even looking after local businesses social media platforms. There are websites online that advertise potential jobs, or you could even set up social media pages advertising your services. 

Starring as an extra in film or TV

Ever wanted to be on the big screen? Then maybe this is your year. While you may not be the next leading male or female in a big blockbuster, you could be starring as an extra on the big or small screen. Extras get paid a daily rate, and if you have the time to do it, the extra money could come in handy. 

Going on a game show

Finally, thinking about TV opportunities, TV game shows are always looking for contestants and the opportunities to earn big are not to be turned down. While you may not get paid for featuring on the show, often travel expenses are paid for, and the opportunity to win big could be just the ticket for a cash injection for the next year ahead. 

Hey! Let’s hope that this has inspired you, do you have some other tricks to make some extra money? Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to share!! 


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