Tips To Stay Cool This Summer

Nobody likes to feel hot and sticky indoors during the summer.... see these nifty tips to keep your home cool for the upcoming summer...

I know everybody is looking forward to summer & the hot weather, but sometimes, the humidity can get a bit much. Especially if you live in the Middle East…. But surprisingly, last summer was a scorcher in the UK too!
It was hard to keep cool & adapt to a heatwave during a lockdown! You expect the hot, sticky weather when you are outside, but how do you deal with humidity in your home?

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You need to be prepared for the heat, so check out my handy tips to keep your home cool and fresh during the warmer months.

Bad Ventilation 

During the lockdown, the government has been encouraging us to open the windows more to allow for ventilation. But, this is nothing new! I grew up with my mother always opening all of the windows every morning. Come rain or shine, some days it would be freezing & she still made sure the “air was changed” and rooms well ventilated! If you don’t ventilate certain areas of the home, excess moisture can sit in the air and makes the whole house incredibly humid & create mould. If you suspect poor ventilation in your home may have led to mold growth, it may be worth hiring reputable air quality services in Pittsburgh, PA (or a similar service in your local area) so that they can identify and treat any mold, and suggest improvements that will increase the air quality throughout your property. Additionally, if you are using extractor fans and it doesn’t seem to be making any difference, you should get them checked out because they may be broken

Broken Air Conditioning Units

If you are in a hotter climate, an air conditioning unit will keep your house nice and cool and maintain a constant cycle of air through the house to stop humidity. But if they are not working properly and the cooling cycles are inefficient, they allow humidity to build up inside the house. It’s worth calling a 24 Hour AC Repair company to have a look at it for you if your house is still humid even when you run the AC unit all day long. Make sure you aren’t forgetting to change the filters regularly too. If you want your air conditioning to keep your home cool and fresh. 

Small Air Gaps 

Any small gaps around the home can let air in, and that means that humidity from the outside gets into your house during the summer. Most people don’t realise this and they assume that a completely airtight home will be more humid, which is not the case. 

The doors and windows are always the first places to check because they tend to have gaps around them. You can buy some cheap weatherstripping material to cover gaps underneath and around doors, but you may need to do some small repairs on the windows if there are gaps there. 

The seals around sinks, showers and PVC doors can also let air in if they are old. Getting some caulk and filling those small gaps again can make a big difference to the humidity in the summer. Filling those gaps will also make it easier to heat your home in winter, so you can go green and save some money at the same time. 

Deal with these 3 issues and you can beat the humidity in your home in time for summer. Hey! Can you think of any other efficient ways to keep your home cooler in the summer? Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to share!


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