Giving Dawah – Guidance on Helping A Friend Convert

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Being a revert to Islam myself, I know that converting religion is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you know someone that is interested in Islam or they are looking to make a fully-fledged conversion, it’s important to guide them appropriately. What does it take to help a friend convert to Islam in the right way?

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The Importance of Education

Guiding someone towards Islam is not about being dogmatic or being hostile. You need to make sure that you truly know what you are talking about. The great place to begin with Islam is the five main pillars. You can also teach them about the major sins in Islam & focus on Islamic philosophy. Educating someone about Islam is about focusing on its connections to other religions. By highlighting the approach to Islam in comparison to other religions, you can help them to broaden their knowledge. When you are educating them, it’s important to remember that you cannot force anybody to become a Muslim. Islam allows freedom of religion. We have to remember this when someone is showing interest in Islam. We don’t force them, we have to be calm & demonstrate good Muslim behaviour. We have to remember a Muslim cannot be argumentative or hostile towards a non-Muslim..

Showing Them the Islamic Rules and Duties

There are five pillars of Islam but there are also other aspects that can seem difficult to achieve. A very notable practice is Ramadan, which can feel very difficult. But very rewarding & when we are reminding an individual about the regulations, such as the dietary guidelines, as well as the methods of wudu and ghusl, there is a lot to consider. But the best place to help them to consolidate their knowledge is to take them to a mosque. Again, it’s not about being forceful, but it’s about asking them if they would like to see how Islamic worship is done. There are so many different etiquettes of going into a mosque, and a mosque is a place for peace and knowledge as well as worship.

Helping Them Develop Their Knowledge

You can provide them with an English translation of the Qur’an and guide them towards some books about Islam so they can develop their knowledge. There are versions of the Qur’an that give them additional explanations and background information. There are plenty of resources out there. And if they feel they are ready to become a Muslim and follow Islam, the declaration of faith, the (Shahada) is the final piece of the puzzle. We have to remember that if someone is interested in converting to Islam, we have to check in with them during every step and make sure that they are comfortable. Accepting a religion requires patience and time. And we have to remember not to be pushy, because this will only serve to annoy people and they may potentially view the religion in a negative light.

Converting to Islam can help an individual in many aspects of their life. But it’s important to remember they are doing it for the right reasons. insha’Allah!

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