How To Find The Best Glasses For You

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When the time comes for you to have glasses, it can be overwhelming to decide what style & type are right for you. The kind of glasses is essential as it can shape your face & make your eyes pop. You also need to keep in mind what type of glasses you need to ensure that they work for your lifestyle.

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Face shape

Although everyone can wear any glasses shape, sometimes specific designs do suit each face shape better. If you have an oval face, you will suit glasses which are slightly wider than your face. Heart-shaped faces suit more cat-eye looks, whereas you will need more of a rounder option if you have a round face. Opting for a square, narrower frames can make a square or rectangular faces look great. When it comes to color, often trying on multiple colors is the right place to start, as you will notice when your face lights up due to the color complimenting your skin tone and eye color. 


Everyone’s lifestyle is different, which can play a big part in the type of glasses you choose. For a couple of weeks before you get your drinks, take note of moments when you do a lot of reading, lots of distance work, or driving for long periods. This will help you when you choose the type of glasses. For example, if you do a lot of reading, computer, and distance and require a prescription for all three lengths, you could opt for a trifocal instead of having three different glasses. Whereas if you work in an office on a computer a lot of the day, then having one pair of glasses for one distance can be a better option as you have the whole lens to look through rather than trying to look through a small section.

Buying glasses online

Buying glasses online has become a vital process for its ease and endless designs. Companies such as will help you to choose the right glasses for you. The first thoughts of buying drinks online can be worrying. Still, with technology becoming more advanced, there are multiple ways to measure your PD, so you see through the center of the lens to avoid stretched vision and try on frames from the comfort of your own home just by holding your phone camera up. Purchasing your glasses online allows you to virtually try on more designs that you would in a shop, and sometimes they can be cheaper. 

Hopefully, with this guide, you will be able to purchase glasses that suit your face depending on your face shape and compliment your skin tone and eye color. Your vision will be improved by opting for the right lens for you by evaluating your lifestyle and seeing if you can make it easier by having two lenses in one pair of glasses to avoid the hassle of swapping between two separate ones. Buying glasses online will make your experience more comfortable and cheaper by trying on glasses with your phone without the hassle of trying on hundreds of glasses in the store. 

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