3 Savvy Ways To Use Technology For Clean Eating.

Savvy tech hacks to clean eating which apps are best where to get the best recipes and how to stay safe when shopping online

Eating cleaner and saving the earth’s resources with the help of innovative technology is something that we really need to look closely at! We know it’s not practical for everyone to cook all meals at home, from scratch, but preparing fresh, healthy food for yourself & your family should be a priority whenever possible.

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Clean eating means knowing what’s in your food, which is important & cooking for yourself is the easiest way to control what goes in & what stays out of your body. Everyone’s eating habits seem to have dramatically changed over the last few decades, I know mine has! So is the obsession with technology, as the years go on we find that technology has a significant influence on all aspects of life, ranging from fitness, work, communication, health, & currently, how people cook their foods & even how we eat!
Innovations are constantly testing any possible limits, there is a whole plethora of stuff out there to help us make those quick & healthy homemade dishes from scratch luckily!

Kitchen Tricks That Encourage Healthy Eating

With tech advancements, it is possible to make use of fresh ingredients while cooking without the hassle. I am really partial to trying out new trends such as the zoodles craze that we have seen lately, especially if it means sneaking in those veggies with the kid’s meals!
The introduction of various handy food preparation equipment such as chicken slicers, french fry cutters, meat grinders, salad dryers, & mixers & gadgets has made it so easy & convenient to eat healthily. They also eliminate the temptation of opting for frozen junk & takeaways – Did somebody sayyyyy Just Eat? 😀

The app I love at the moment is from the creators behind the website Green Kitchen Stories. As I’m trying to get more veggies in my diet it seemed the perfect bit of tech! With a mouthwatering source of organic & tasty veggie foods & nothing but natural ingredients with only a smidge of gluten, sugar & dairy products used. There are some really creative recipes that are very detailed & easy to follow.

With all the apps available at our fingertips at the moment, currently, anyone can monitor their sleep times, how they run, & food intake as well. Most of these modern gadgets can also dictate what people should eat. These apps provide avenues for better scrutiny of food ingredients, enabling people to avoid unhealthy diets.

Access to Recipes

Since this pandemic has begun & being on lockdown we have seen a much more enthusiastic approach to home cooking because we have seen so many food outlets closing. Technology has made it easy for cooking enthusiasts to access healthy recipes from the comfort of their homes. Unlike before, where people had to go for extensive consultation or cooking classes, most people attest to preparing their meals in their homes with the help of their gadgets. Smartphones make it easy to look up cooking techniques & recipes from websites such as AllRecipes.

In fact, recipe sites have currently surpassed magazine recipes & cookbooks in terms of the user base. We can find recipes on how to cook gluten-free diets, vegan diets, & paleo, among other healthy diets. Further adding to this is the presence of blogs like this one & social media apps such as Twitter, & Facebook groups that make it easy to share recipes & drool over them with friends.

So where does it all start?

Eating cleaner begins from the beginning, from the farm of course. Producing quality & healthy food supplies is the basic step towards eating clean & healthy foods. Did you know that farming requires some sort of tech nowadays? Well, it is 2020, should we expect anything less?
There is a thing called “precision agriculture”, which is better known as satellite farming.
This is the use of GPS tracking systems to monitor soil levels, weather patterns, & crop yields. This increases the efficiency & quality of farm produce – well, I can safely say, my mind is blown!!

Farmers nowadays use tools such as soil testing kits & weather analysis software to monitor phosphorus & nitrogen levels in the soil, which enables farmers to pinpoint exact places in their farms that are productive.
Before this, farmers could consider the entire farm as one unit with the same properties. However, with this technology, farmers can identify areas that are suitable for specific crops to avoid wastage, improve quality, & grow healthy crops. Who knew farming & growing crops could be so high tech?

The Bottom Line

As technology keeps advancing, how we prepare & eat food evolves as well. There are some claims that technology has negative effects on diet & overall wellbeing. But this can only hold true for those who are obsessed with tech devices & being locked indoors for several hours whilst consuming some kinda device for hours on end isn’t good. This can have some negative effects on health & fitness as wells as eyesight problems due to excessive glare from these screens. It is also something we should discourage for children. You can see how my no tv experiment went for my full opinion on this subject.

However, the benefits of technology in ensuring that we eat healthier are immense. But like everything, there are always pros & cons of using technology. When using tech at home, remember the potential vulnerabilities associated with them. Cybercriminals are known to exploit even the slightest vulnerability present in modern gadgets. I know in my home, almost every gadget is connected to my home WIFI, Amazon Alexa to name but a few, this can open up vulnerabilities especially if you are shopping from them. Who doesn’t like shouting ingredients at Alexa for the weekly shop?

This way of shopping has probably increased during the lockdown, which is definitely the case in my home. So I find the safest way to prevent any risks & to protect my data is to install VPNs that come with VPN encryption this helps prevent risky exposures of my personal details or credit card information to any hackers, ISPs, & network administrators. This is something you’ll really want to have, especially if you have children that are always downloading something, or streaming movies online! Better to be safe than sorry!

So there we have some savvy ways technology can be used to help you begin clean eating!

Hey! What nifty hacks or apps could you add to these savvy ways to eat clean? Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to share!!


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