The Gardening Hacks & Tools You Never Knew You Needed!

Check out these little gardening hacks that will keep your outdoor space serene & green!

Did the lockdown unleash those green fingers? I know it did for me! If you have an outside space, a balcony, or a garden, you’ll obviously want to take care of it as well as possible. There are lots of things to consider, like sorting your gutter problems out with Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Roanoke so the balcony doesn’t flood, or getting the trees clipped to maximize sunlight in the garden. Finally, you need to have the right tools to make your gardening tasks much easier. It also depends on the types of gardens you have!
This gardening lark is all new to me, to be honest, I always thought it wasn’t something I was interested in. Funny what lockdown can do to a person’s perspective on things! Now, I can’t get enough of learning about the different types of gardens and how to make them look their best. With that said, there are a variety of tools that were new to me, these are always going to be particularly important for your gardening journey.
Here are a few of the most invaluable tools I came across that you might want to get for your gardening activities.

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#1 – Dibber

If you have never heard of a dibber before, you are not alone – but it is quite a simple tool that has a wide variety of important uses. A dibber is essentially a tool for making small holes in the soil, which means it is essential for planting seeds and planting out seedlings to bigger pots, and all related activities such as that. You can easily carve your own dibber out of a solid piece of wood, or pick one up very cheap from most garden centers and similar stores. It’s definitely one tool to have at the top of your list.

#2 – Weed Eater

There will of course be plenty of occasions when you need to get rid of weeds, and although you can often do this by hand (or get the kids to) it is also possible to do it with the help of a piece of equipment called a weed eater. Otherwise known as a strimmer, a weed eater allows you to strim or cut grass and weeds very low, which can be a quick and easy way to tidy up the garden. You should compare the benefits of an electric vs gas weed eater, but as long as you do that you should find this is a great piece of kit.

#3 – Spade & Fork

Of course, you are always going to find it is important to be able to dig large holes properly, and that is where the spade and fork come into play. These are truly essential tools in the garden, allowing you to upend and turn over any amount of soil that you might need for any purpose. If you want to plant a row of plants in your garden, you are likely going to use a spade and a fork for it, so definitely make sure you invest in a good one of each.

#4 – Trowel

Finally, we have the trowel. This is a hand-held smaller spade, and it’s something that you are going to find yourself using a great deal around the garden. Good quality trowels will last you a long time, and this is definitely going to be the kind of thing you don’t want to go without, so make sure that you are giving yourself a chance to get one that you can really enjoy and get a lot of use out of over the years. It will soon become your best friend in the garden.

Hey! Which gardening tools do you use that save time & energy? Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to share!!


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