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Anyone with Arab in-laws or Arab friends, will have seen one or two things in their kitchens that you never thought about before…. “The Glass Jar”. A bit like “The Biscuit Tin/Quality Street Tin” in British households….

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Ahh, the biscuit tin!! You get all happy when you see it, in high hopes to munch on a nice biscuit or two with a cuppa tea! Only to find ya mum has re-purposed it & filled it with sewing nic-nacks! Or worse still…. you think you’ve found a stash of chocolates in the Quality Street tin and you open it to find old letters!! …… What a let down!! 😣

biscuit tin sewing kit



I still giggle at the time my son got so happy when he thought he found he’s all time favourite Strawberry Bonne Mamman Jam in my mother in-laws fridge, only to find out it was tomato puree 😂

Frugal Feels –

This is the first installment of my Frugal Living Category, where I will be sharing with you my thrifty ideas.
Before I lived in Algeria, I never once thought to keep any of the glass jars I used & would always throw them out or put in the recycle bin. I found in Arabic households, recycling is a very big thing! They mainly keep any glass & plastic containers they use & put them to good use! Be it for, tomato puree in the fridge, pulses in the pantry or spices for cooking.
How many of us can say we’ve thrown hundreds of recyclable products out, not realising they can be very useful right in your own kitchen? Sustainable living is something we need to look into if we are to protect our planet…. & our pocket 😉 Wham Bam, Thanks Bonne Mamman!

Sometimes the average spice jar is really too small for our needs. You can’t even fit a teaspoon into some of those narrow ones, and it seems like I’m always refilling mine. Although for my “go to” quick access spices I use my Masala Dabba Which comes in handy!

Smart Storage –

Seeing as I get my spices in bulk (especially Ras El Hanout & Paprika fresh from Algeria) I needed something to store them in & keep them fresher for longer!
That’s where my love for Bonne Mamman jars started! Well actually, my love for the jam first! ….Who doesn’t love some lush jam with their clotted cream & scones?
Buying the amount of storage containers I’d need would cost a small fortune, so I began saving the jam jars & I like how they’ve found new life as storage containers! The 13-ounce jars are big enough for plenty of spices, which is nice for those of us who use tablespoons at a time in curries, tagines and other spice heavy dishes. It’s also great to see recycling in use, of course!

jam jars thrifdeedubai frugal Bonne Mamman jam frugal feels





Best bit is you can get all “Pintrest Prissy” and decorate them, mine are sadly looking a bit dull at the moment, but I plan to paint them and add some chalk labels, you can too & really make your pantry/kitchen pop!

It don’t just stop with Bonne Mamman jars, you can use anything you have, pasta sauce jars, Nutella jars, olive jars… anything glass, just wash, dry & decorate how you like!

So what’s stopping you from saving those jars I know you’ve got hanging around? Let me know in the comments below your sustainable living tips & lets see if we can save each other some pennies! 😉
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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.  

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