How To Save Money With Your Wheels

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I’m always looking for ways to cut costs & save, I wouldn’t be ThrifDee otherwise! 🙂 Now I am embarking on a new chapter in my life, I’m looking into family cars. This obviously means trying to save as much as possible & at the same time try to be conscious of the environment.

Most of you are probably looking at the old banger outside & worried about it passing its MOT, could you cut your losses & get a new set of wheels? Forget about forking out a small fortune just to keep your current car running for another few months. This could end up being a false economy! While you might worry about how much a new car is going to cost, think about the long term running costs of the current car that you have. This is where a hybrid motor might appeal, it did to me! The latest in environmentally friendly technology has seen an explosion of cars that utilise electricity as their main power source. I’ve been looking into this –

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Five years ago, hybrid cars had a bad reputation for being slow, needing to be recharged every hour, & not being fit for purpose. Fast forward to 2019, & there are a whole host of manufacturers, makes, & models to suit every lifestyle. From the tiny mini hatchbacks that suit city center living, to the new Range Rover PHEV that suits even the largest family, there is a massive choice. Hybrid cars are comfortable & run as smoothly as diesel guzzlers. They are more environmentally friendly, releasing no harmful emissions & they are as much as a joy to drive than your old car.


While a hybrid vehicle may be more expensive to buy than it’s unleaded counterpart initially, the long term costs are much lower. Hybrid cars are renowned for their reliability, & even when something does need repairing, parts can be cheaper. You won’t have to tax your car – this alone sold me!! You won’t get charged for driving through any congestion charges or emission zones, another big selling point for me since I live pretty close to central London. Also, you will save a small fortune on fuel. All you need to do is remember to take your charging cables everywhere that you go. Yes, the purchase price might be steep, but the car could pay for itself within just three years.

Image by Pixabay – CC0 Licence


Being a role model for our kids should be a game changer for our purchases. However, buying a hybrid is about more than being on trend. It’s about having a genuine impact on helping to save the environment. Many people ask what the point is, when no one else is trying to save the planet. However, you can do your own little bit to try & be more sustainable. This sets a great example to your kids too. If they see you going the extra mile, driving a hybrid car, recycling & refusing to use single use plastics, you will end up with more responsible & environmentally aware little citizens as part of your brood!

Honestly, I’m sold! Purchasing a new hybrid could be one of the best decisions you ever make! Would you take the plunge & get a hybrid? Let me know in the comments below & don’t forget to share!!


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